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First experience with Mono-D

December 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Today I installed Mono-D, hoping that it might make my experience with D a little better. Unfortunately, it was far from my expectations. When it is used on small pieces of code, everything looks fine. But when I added the whole BioD library (which I slowly develop) to the include paths, performance decreased drastically and it became impossible to type code. Each autocompletion took at least 30 seconds to resolve :-( No thanks, I would rather type method name manually, 10 times faster.

And even neglecting slowness, completion results are also far from what I need. I use a lot of templates and `auto` declarations that seem to confuse Mono-D engine. I also had no luck with type deduction of iteration variable in foreach statements.

Thus, I’m staying with Vim, although it’s totally dumb when it comes to the language semantics. Hopefully, Mono-D will improve over years. Perhaps, it already works well for Java-style projects that don’t use templates all over the place, but that’s not my case.

UPDATE (March 06, 2013)

Tried again with Xamarin Studio and Speed issue has been resolved, but autocompletion still doesn’t play well with templated code.

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