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Performance of Sambamba MRI bindings

So I hacked up a simple BAM reader yesterday as a C extension. For now, BamRead class in Ruby only exposes a ‘name’ method just for the sake of not being totally useless. After all, what I’m interested in is performance of conversion from D to Ruby. And with careful coding the cost is not that large. (What I love about C extensions is full control over what happens.)

In fact, on multicore systems it easily beats PySAM (this simple test is counting reads and computing average read name length; the file contains Ion Torrent 200bp data, 570MB in size)

Python 2.7.3 + PySAM
$ time python test.py

real    0m13.034s
user    0m12.588s
sys     0m0.412s

Ruby 2.1.0-preview1
$ time LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ruby test.rb

real    0m4.820s
user    0m16.756s
sys     0m0.700s

However, the dynamic loading of my D library sometimes just hangs due to some deadlock =\ I currently use 2.063 where support for shared libraries is not official, because in 2.064 there’s an issue with zlib that I reported to their bugtracker. Hopefully that will be resolved soon.

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